Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Forget the Sneaky Hate Spiral; what about the Sneaky Stress Spiral? The one that builds upon itself over and over again until the amount of stressors in your life is so many that you feel like curling into a ball under the bed and never coming out ever would be your best option. The one that starts small, with a couple homework assignments due on the same day, and ends up as a monster that devours the calm, rational part of your brain by combining projects, papers, homework, exams, future plans, relationship problems, family craziness, and the messiness of your room. All within the same week or so.

This is how I feel.

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Adam said...

On the bright side, you do have cool yellow shoes. =D

Bummer that everything's piling up on you, though believe me, I'm in the same boat. Three bands, two ferrets, the zine, countless friendships I am neglecting, broke, need to find a new job before I'm forced to quit this one, holidays are fast approaching, and Lord knows what other messes I have in my head. It's overwhelming. But if everything was sunny and perfect we'd be so bored we'd spend our time thinking of ways to screw things up just for a little excitement and conflict.