Sunday, September 18, 2011

memories, part one

I remember when you first took my hand; it was our first Adventure, wasn't it? You were helping me over a hill of dirt, or down a pile of rocks; a mound of shale, or was it the water in the tunnel? No, I think the first time it was the dirt, or the rocky path. Did you know I was falling for you then, so early in the summer? could you have known? I don't think I ever let on... Did you know at all, before I told you? Did you even have a clue before that night, that first late night? We were sitting under the stars, the light from inside spilling out over our feet and legs, and we started telling each other those things we shouldn't have said. We've said so many things we shouldn't have... But you couldn't have known before then; you wouldn't have even thought to look for it, your mind on Her and the Project that brought us together in the first place. Oh yes, Her...but She was hardly a problem in the beginning, was She? In the beginning, when it was just the Project and the Adventures....did you even have an inkling, then, of how it would all turn out...?