Saturday, October 2, 2010

Parents and Families

Hi, Mom and Dad. Did you know that I was thinking about you tonight? I've been thinking about you all day. This weekend is Parents and Families Weekend and're my parents. I called home and talked for a little, but sometimes it's still kind of awkward to act like I actually care, seeing as I was such a horrible daughter for most of high school. And kind of before and after that too, actually. But anyway, I was thinking about you today, seeing everyone with their parents and brothers and sisters, walking around campus and taking tours of the library and the HUB and downtown and stuff. I figure it's kind of pointless for you to come to Parents and Families Weekend at this point since it's my last semester and all, and anything you want to know about Penn State you can just ask me. And you're down here a lot anyway since it's not far away and Marcy's family lives here and such.

Well anyway, I was thinking about you and I hope everything's going well at home and Victoria's ok and the dogs are doing well -- and Aiko too I guess. And I love you. And, um, I'll see you next week I guess.

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