Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Single Life

As it turns out, the world does still turn when you become single. It's amazing; I'm convinced that no one on this earth thinks that they can go on once they've been dumped. But once you stop and look around, you realize that the sun is still shining, the flowers are still blooming, everyone is still breathing. It's possible to still enjoy, all by yourself, the feel of the spring sun on your back, the smell of freshly cut grass, the magic of dandelion fluff blowing past your face in the late afternoon. It's absolutely possible to still enjoy a good book or a good movie; food tastes just as good, and so does wine (and other drinks).

True, there's no one to throw that painful Frisbee with, and the neighbor's basketball hoop is decidedly less-used. There's much less conversation in the evenings, and nights are a little colder. But contrary to popular belief, loneliness doesn't make colors more dull or music less melodious (more poignant, though? Perhaps). It could be that I'm not feeling the effects enough; they say that when you go through a trauma of the heart food tastes like ash and drink tastes like ash and grass is brown and life just sucks. It's quite possible that my persistent optimism and self-delusion is preventing me from being devastated. It's hurts; it sucks, it really does. But astoundingly -- and against all odds -- life goes on.

Post Scriptum: The stars, however, are much colder (but still as beautiful, in a way) than they ever were before.

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