Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lida Rose

I want to know how I looked, standing against that tree with the glow of the city lights on my face, tempting him to cheat on his girlfriend again. It's a guilty pleasure of mine, imagining what people think of me... I like having this site; it's less furtive than the other one, less dirty; yet I can express myself here, where no one truly knows me.

As I was saying.... I wish I knew how I looked, standing up a few inches, and still a half a head shorter than him, my hood up and my mittens on, trying to talk him through his dilemmas of the heart.

Something happened last night...I'm not sure what; it wasn't terribly different than any other time we've hung out. Only that he was taken and I was not, and we went to what is becoming our spot and walked and talked and kissed. He said today that in his mind, we didn't really do anything, it was just a kiss. I didn't -- couldn't -- tell him that there are two types of cheating: physical and emotional.

What happened last night against that tree? He's never been this to me before.

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