Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Heart Dinos [unfinished]

This weekend my THON organization went on a canning trip. It was my first experience canning, just as it is my first semester being involved in THON and therefore my first a lot of other things such as having a chair position (Kid's Mail Call) and dealing with Spirit Points and a THON child and cliquey capitains.

I guess it's technically not their fault that they think we're weird or have a slightly different sense of humor than we do or feel the need to leave us out of things like lunch plans and inside jokes. I would not disagree that I'm a little bit..."different" than some people, and I hang around people who are "different" too. So when I went on this first canning trip and the group immediately divided itself into two groups, I wasn't really upset when I gravitated towards the couple people who I thought were awesome but everyone else thought were slightly odd.

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